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[US Jobs Vacancies] Job Vacancies International Rescue Committee (IRC), April 2013

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Committee (IRC), April 2013'

Job Vacancies International Rescue Committee (IRC)Position: Urban Farm
Coordinator InternLocation: United States of America ( The ), New YorkClosing
Date: Wednesday, 19 June 2013
The IRCs New Roots program in New York was established in 2011 to help
newly-arrived refugees, asylees and other immigrant populations in the south
Bronx access fresh, affordable and healthy produce, better integrate into their
communities, and become more financially self-sufficient. Since its creation,
the New Roots program in New York has expanded from 3 small raised growing beds
to the management of 2 urban farms in the south Bronx.
Position Summary:
The Urban Farm Coordination Intern will help to oversee the growing and
maintenance of a acre and a 2 cre urban farm, both located in the south Bronx.
He/she will be in charge of overall garden upkeep, serve as a liaison between
IRC growers and the local community, and maintain clear communication with the
IRCs Community Integration Manager on a consistent basis. The person applying
for this internship will be expected to make a six month commitment and keep a
reliable, weekly, farm and office (located in Manhattan) visitation schedule.
Key Responsibilities:.
Travel to and spend 15-20 hours at the New Roots Community Farm and/or Drew
Gardens, both located in the south Bronx garden, on a weekly basis;.
Attend monthly meetings at the IRC in NYs office, in Manhattan;.
Keep thorough and accurate records for all growers and urban farm activities;.
Ensure that all growers are following all urban farm program rules;.
Communicate with the Community Integration Manager on individual grower progress
and overall urban farm issues on a consistent basis;.
Serve as a liaison between growers and the local community;.
Oversee general urban farm upkeep and maintenance, including helping to assign
growing plots, leading composting activities, assisting with workshops and
trainings and coordinating and receiving soil, lumber and plant deliveries.
Position Requirements:.
Minimum one year of urban farming/community garden experience;.
College-level student or above with degree focus in horticulture, environmental
studies, or other relevant field;.
Comfort working with refugees and immigrants from a variety of backgrounds,
including those with limited English language skills;.
Ability to commit to six months of garden oversight/coordination;.
Bilingual/bicultural in a refugee language/culture is highly desirable.

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