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[US Jobs Vacancies] Standard Bank South Africa Vacancies: Risk

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Job Description

Division Proposition Risk is becoming an increasingly important element in
our banking businesses and our risk teams play a key role in every decision we
make to service our clients across all our product lines.

Job Description Youll start this two-year programme by joining one of three
streams Corporate and Investment Banking (CIB) Credit Risk, Personal and
Buisness Banking: Personal (PPB) Credit or Business Credit or Operational Risk,
to ensure youre on the most appropriate development path for your career with
us. Through a series of rotations youll glean close-up and comprehensive
experience of our work and impact, ensuring your specialism soon matures into
expertise. CIB: Credit risk With the banking industry shifting to an economic
capital business philosophy and the evolution of sophisticated derivative
markets, risk management has become enormously complex and increasingly
professional. Credit risk management is crucial in understanding the nature and
quality of our counterparties as well as their concentrations in terms of
industry and country. We partner the business to understand credit risk so we
can apply appropriate pricing to optimise the banks risk-adjusted return. This
involves understanding and assessing a range of risk areas including credit,
financial, economic, legal, political, regulatory, environmental and
reputational risks. Join us and youll enjoy direct, dynamic and stimulating
exposure to all the key businesses and transactions at the heart of CIBs
expertise. Your rotations will span across Market Risk, Corporate credit,
Operational Risk, Real Estate Services and Financial Institutions. PBB: Personal
Credit Personal Credit is that part SBSA PBB Credit that specifically focuses on
the credit strategy and decisioning for all personal banking products such as
Home Loans, Vehicle Finance and Unsecured Lending products such as Cheque
Accounts with limits, Revolving Credit Plans and Credit Cards to name a few.
Personal Credit is characterized by three main activities within the credit life
cycle, with these being originations, account management and collections.
Originations relates to the credit decision and can be done either through a
scored process with the assistance of a scorecard or an intuitive process.
Account management relates to the ongoing monitoring of each product portfolios
accounts within the agreed credit terms whether that be the credit limits, risk
appetite or term. Collections activities involve either the rehabilitation of
customers or the final recovery of amounts outstanding to the Bank. Through a
series of structured rotations you will get exposure to each of these areas.
PBB: Business Credit Business Credit supports Business Banking with the
management of the Credit Risk function / decision-making of all business risk
groups to adequately balance Risk and Reward. The relationship with Personal and
Business Bank is one of a partnership with an alignment of objectives to ensure
a customer centric approach in decision making and service. The following are
various areas within Business Credit: Strategy & Reporting, Small Enterprises &
Empowerment Finance, Decentralised Lending and Private clients.

PBB: Operational Risk In order for banks to make a profit, they have to grapple
with a wide array of risks which if unmanaged can impact the success of their
operations, impair bottomline, reputation and threaten long term survivability.
One of the risk types which banks are faced with on a daily basis emanate from
its operational portfolio i.e. from the execution of the daily processes
involved in attracting, servicing and maintaining customers. The risks which
emanate from the operational portfolio of banking processes and activities are
managed under the ambit of the Operational Risk Management function. Operational
risk relates to the risk of a loss resulting from inadequacies or failures in
processes due to technology, personnel, organization or external factors. In
addition to identifying and analyzing risks which result in losses, a key
deliverable of Operational Risk is ensuring the quality and effectiveness of
controls built into processes to prevent financial or reputational losses.
Operational Risk Managers ensure that the control environment is fit for purpose
and is rigorously governed in line with the requirements of the banks
Operational Risk Policy and Framework. Within Standard Bank, the Operational
Risk function is a second line of defence capability performed by specialist
Operational Risk practitioners whose mandate is to embed the Groups ORM policy
and framework in partnership with colleagues in business, who are responsible
for executing the day to day processes which bring in the money. Operational
Risk managers ensure that we do not lose the money we intend to make through any
errors or omissions and/ or unmitigated systems or process failures.Required
Skills and Qualifications To join this programme, youll need to be a South
African citizen in the final year of your Bachelors degree or postgraduate
degree with finance, statistics, financial management as a major. As well as
educational qualifications, well be looking for you to show us an analytical
approach, an eye for detail and the adaptability to work in multi-skilled teams.
Naturally, youll need to be a good communicator, with the character to remain
rational and objective while working under pressure. You must have no more than
a years work experience Required Competencies We are an equal opportunities
employer and are totally opposed to discrimination in any form. It is our policy
to provide equal employment opportunities for all employees regardless of race,
sex, colour, nationality, national or ethnic origin, sexual orientation, marital
/ partnership status, religion, age or disability. How to apply: Click on this
link to apply online

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