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[US Jobs Vacancies] Standard Bank Careers: Personal and Business Banking (PBB) Head Office and Provincial

US Jobs Vacancies has posted a new item, 'Standard Bank Careers: Personal and
Business Banking (PBB) Head Office and Provincial'

Job Description

Work with Standard Bank and join a dynamic team of professionals proud to be
voted the Best Bank in Africa for three years running. Our core values of
service and innovation are at the heart of our business, and our global
workforce benefits from our unique culture of empowerment and independence,
enabling us to maintain competitive advantage in the worlds premier financial
markets Position Description On this varied and challenging programme, youll
gain a broad understanding of how the Personal and Business Banking world
operates at Standard Bank. The programme will be 12 months of which the first 3
weeks will be dedicated to induction, orientation and classroom-based training
before starting your rotations in business. Youll enjoy rotations through a
variety of business areas throughout the Personal and Business Banking sector
and gain an understanding of how the bank makes it money.

In these areas, youll gain invaluable experience of the sheer variety of roles
available in our business, through conducting research and delivering your
findings, job shadowing, attending client meetings and functions, case studies,
report writing, project work, presentations and analysis. Required Skills and
Qualifications You will need to be a South African citizen with a minimum of a
three year relevant Finance/ Business/Science University degree and an average
academic record of at least 55% in your second year of studying. You will also
need to be able to relocate to Johannesburg if we offer you a place on the
programme Required Competencies Candidates must be able to show they possess the
following competencies to be considered. Knowledge: Keen interest in business
and in touch with topical issues and current events. Must have a sound academic
background and be able to talk confidently around their area of study.
Conceptual Ability: Must be able to provide a strategic contribution and enjoy
complexity. Must be able to manage ambiguous information and able to make a
decision on complex information. Must learn quickly and provide insight into
difficult situations. Think in terms of solutions rather than rules.

Innovation and proactivity: Provide clarity and direction. Must be hungry to
learn and enjoy work all levels of work. Must be resourceful and future
orientated. Must be open to change and adapt own ideas to new information.
Working with others: Have a positive effect of team spirit and morale. Must be
enthusiastic, appreciate diverse views and treat others with respect. Must
possess leadership potential and be able to build credibility and trust.
Interpersonal/personal and Communication: Must be self driven and inspiring.
Display confidence without being arrogant. Have professional impact in terms
language use, attitude and body language. Possess a high level of emotional
intelligence to read situations and adopt an appropriate approach. Learning
Outcomes The following learning outcomes will be built during the 12 month
graduate program. .Operating in a Matrix Relationship building/Stakeholder
Management Influencing people Systems thinking Data analysis & Research
Understanding the target Market Competitor Analysis We are an equal
opportunities employer and are totally opposed to discrimination in any form. It
is our policy to provide equal employment opportunities for all employees
regardless of race, sex, colour, nationality, national or ethnic origin, sexual
orientation, marital / partnership status, religion, age or disability. How to
Apply: Click here to apply forPersonal and Business Banking (PBB) Head Office
Click here to apply forPersonal and Business Banking (PBB) Channel Programme

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