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[Mobile Cellphone Info] More rumors of iOS 7 overhaul surface, including claims of 'dramatic' email and calendar changes

Mobile Cellphone Info has posted a new item, 'More rumors of iOS 7 overhaul
surface, including claims of 'dramatic' email and calendar changes'

The new-look iOS 7 rumors continue! The latest report on the matter comes to us
from Bloomberg, which claims to have been told by "people with knowledge of the
matter" that Jony Ive is busy reworking iPhone and iPad apps, a process that
involves "shunning realistic images" like the wooden bookshelves found in
Apple's Newsstand app.
It's also said that Ive, who serves as Apple's SVP of Industrial Design and also
recently took over the software work, is "exploring more dramatic changes" to
the email and calendar apps. However, the sources say that these bigger changes
may not be ready in time for this year's iOS release and may instead be
implemented in future versions of the platform.
All of the new designs found in iOS 7 are reportedly being reviewed by Ive, who
wants to avoid getting Apple into another situation like the company's Maps app
caused last year. Because of all of overhaul that iOS 7 is said to be
undergoing, Apple engineers are said to be working hard to complete a preview
version of the OS in time for June's WWDC 2013 event. Bloomberg's sources echo
previous claims that Apple has even pulled workers off of its Mac teams to aid
in the iOS 7 effort.
So when might we regular folk get to give this redesigned version of iOS a try?
Today's report claims that, despite the rumors that engineers are rushing to
complete an iOS 7 preview in time for WWDC 2013, Apple expects to release the
new OS as early as September. That'd be the same time as iOS 6's debut last year
and a tad earlier than the launch of iOS 5 the year before. The good news is
that Apple recently revealed that it plans to show off a new version of iOS at
WWDC 2013, which kicks off on June 10, so we don't have much longer to wait
before we get a peek at what Jony Ive and Co. have been working on.
Via Today's iPhone, Bloomberg

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