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[Mobile Cellphone Info] Korean Study: Mobile Phone Radiation Spikes in Subways

Mobile Cellphone Info has posted a new item, 'Korean Study: Mobile Phone
Radiation Spikes in Subways'

It is easy to see how people riding in subways can be exposed to a higher level
of cell phone radiation. Not only are crowds of commuters using the phone at the
same time, but phones in enclosed spaces, and in moving vehicles such as trains,
have to work harder to connect to base stations. An environmental group in South
Korea has confirmed this in a recent study.
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Koreans routinely play with their cell phones and other mobile devices when they
board the subway, but many are unaware of the risks attached.
A new study by National Institute of Environmental Research measured the amount
of radiation emitted by cell phones when traveling on subways and other forms of
high-speed transportation. It found that mobile phones produced electromagnetic
fields that were more than five times stronger when in transit than when in a
stationary position. A similar trend was evident when cell phones were used
within confined spaces such as elevators.
Inside subways, the radio waves coming out of cell phones are constantly trying
to connect to base stations. This process requires a large amount of
electromagnetic energy. Also when in an elevator, these waves bounce off you, a
researcher at the Korean institute said.
The World Health Organization has classified cell phones as a possible
carcinogen, meaning that the use of mobile phones may increase the risk of
developing certain brain cancers. When you have to phone someone, make sure your
calls are as short as possible. And in order to reduce your exposure to radio
waves, use earphones when making calls for an extended period of time, the
institute added.

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