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[Mobile Cellphone Info] How to Become a Real Road Warrior

Mobile Cellphone Info has posted a new item, 'How to Become a Real Road

As mobile experts, we do everything we can to look at every new device
subjectively. You may hear us cracking jokes on a live show or voicing our
personal opinions in editorials. But when it becomes time to get serious, when
its review time, we look at a phone (or tablet) from not only our own
perspective, but as many others as possible the perspective of the target
demographic, the perspective of the general consumer, the standpoint of a power
user, a modder or even a first-time buyer.
We all look at a new phone differently. When we pull it out of the box and tear
the plastic off, our minds race with completely different use cases or future
scenarios where this new and improved smartphone will make all the difference.
Most of us here are Pocketnow and this is just an educated guess are what you
would consider either power users or road warriors. A lot of the time, those two
terms are synonymous. But in the Scored for Me section of our reviews, the two
are distinct enough for their own sections. Power users need raw power in a
phone, hackability and unprecedented speed.
Road warriors, on the other hand, are usually travelers or those who dont spend
a lot of time in one place, hence the term road. They are users who put their
arsenal of devices through torture and need extreme battery life to make it
through the day.
When Im not sitting standing at a desk all day, I am a mash-up between both a
power user and road warrior. (Because I am a power user, I also have to be a
road warrior and vice versa.) Because I use my phone for so many things, I need
speed and power, and I need the ability to customize my phone to my desires. And
because I need speed and power, I need the extra stamina.

The modern smartphone has many more uses than smartphones of two or three years

Since the day I got my first smartphone, I became obsessed with doing as much as
possible with my phone. I have since grown to commonly use my smartphone for
streaming music via Bluetooth every day, for hours on end, streaming video
(Netflix, YouTube and Google Play), heavy Web browsing, taking pictures and
video, emailing, chatting, texting, reading news, all my social interaction and
even paying for various things.
For the last month, my phone has also been pushing all sorts of notifications to
the Pebble smartwatch on my wrist.
When a phone is used for so many different things and constantly put through
such abuse, it can easily take its toll on the battery life, often before noon
rolls around.
One thing about use road warriors, though, is that, over the course of several
years, we have learned how to cope with the diminishing battery life in flagship
Android smartphones. Weve learned various ways to make a phone with good or bad
battery life last longer than normal and stop to plug-in as seldom as possible.
So how can you become a true road warrior?
I made a video in March offering several tips toextend the battery life of your
Android phone, many of which apply to any mobile device running any OS. Some of
the most crucial things, believe it or not, are common sense.

The Power saver mode on the HTC One is very effective and minimally obtrusive.

Its all about management. Turn off services and connections when you arent using
them. Not using GPS or Bluetooth? Switch them off. Not going to be able to
answer the phone or check notifications for a while? Turn on Airplane Mode until
you can. (I promise, ten minutes to an hour without a cell connection wont kill
you. In fact, it may be the most relaxing and stress-free hour of your life!)
Not using those 15 widgets on your seven home screens? Remove them and just open
the associated apps when needed. And keep the display brightness as low as
(comfortably) possible, as often as possible.
In fact, Ive enabled the Power saver feature on the HTC One and havent touched
it since I got the phone. Power saver turns the display auto-brightness down an
extra notch, disables data after several minutes of inactivity, disables the
vibrate function and
Its also smart to plan ahead. When you know youre going to leave the house,
apartment or office in the next 30 minutes or more, its never a bad idea to
top-off the battery and give yourself a 20 percent (or much more) boost.
Im guilty of over-complicating this and often becoming obsessive over
topping-off, never leaving the apartment with my battery below 90 percent. You
dont have to take it to this extreme, and neither should I, but this is
definitely the best method for making it through the day without your phone

Tossing a power pack in a bag or pocket is a great way to ensure your phone
doesnt die.

Another thing I may get a little crazy with at times is power banks, or
battery-powered portable chargers. Whenever my battery starts to get low when Im
out and away from a charger and a power source, I simply pull a battery charger
out of my pocket and give my phone some juice. I have stocked up on power banks
and rarely go anywhere without one. At the very least, I have one stowed in the
glove box in my car.
Smartphone cases with built-in batteries, like Mophie or Trident cases, are also
another great option, since you dont have to carry around additional devices and
can just switch on the power on the existing case. And spare or extended
batteries are great if youre in for the long haul with a specific device.
I may complain about battery life all the time, but thats because its the truth
and something should be done about it. I honestly cannot remember the last time
one of my phones has died on me its had to have been at least a couple years.
But thats only due to me having so many safeguards in place that its virtually
impossible for one of my phones to die in a single day.
I carry a Powerbag with a 6,000mAh integrated cell with me every day, a 4,500mAh
Anker or 2000mAh Huawei power bank in my pocket on most days and toss a myPower
Peak 6000 either in my bag or glove box. That, alongside the power management I
do on the software side, keeps my phones from dying.
Its overkill. Im well aware. But my phones never die. And Im generally the
person everyone comes to when their phone is begging for a charge.

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