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[Mobile Cellphone Info] Did Microsoft Just Hint at New Windows Phone 8 Resolution Support?

Mobile Cellphone Info has posted a new item, 'Did Microsoft Just Hint at New
Windows Phone 8 Resolution Support?'

We just got done telling you about the new Facebook beta for Windows Phone 8
that Microsoft is trying to get some users interested in beta testing. Thats
great news on its own, but in revealing the new version of the app, did
Microsoft just show its cards regarding the rumored new resolution support for
the platform?
The screenshots of the Facebook beta Microsoft provided sure look nice, but they
dont seem to accurately reflect how the app appears on currently-available
Windows Phone handsets. Check out the comparison above, with one of Microsofts
pics on the left, and a shot of the beta running on the 1280 x 768 Lumia 920 on
the right.
Looking at the two, it really does seem like the MS image was intended for a
higher-resolution screen, what with that noticeably thinner status bar and all.
The thing is, 1280 x 768 is a high as things get at the moment, so what was the
native resolution here?
Theres some speculation that this could have to do with rumors of forthcoming
1080p support. We really cant say for sure with the evidence as it stands, but
will admit sharing the feeling that theres something Microsoft hasnt told us
about how these screenshots were produced.
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