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[Mobile Cellphone Info] Born Apple: Six famous Windows apps that debuted on the Mac

Mobile Cellphone Info has posted a new item, 'Born Apple: Six famous Windows
apps that debuted on the Mac'

Windows remains the dominant desktop operating system in terms of market share,
which makes for a commonly Windows-centric worldview. Its especially
entertaining, then, to study various software applications that originated
outside of the Windows biosphere (say, on the Macintosh) and then moved over to
thrive in Microsofts domain.

Until roughly 1990, Microsoft Windows lacked both the technical sophistication
and market reach to attract significant third-party applications, so for about
half a decade, the Mac was the only serious GUI-based platform on the market.

Accordingly, a number of the most famous apps to make the Mac-Windows jump began
as GUI-based reinterpretations of older software ideas, while others began as
programs that could have only originated in a bitmapped computing environment
like that of the Macintosh. Well take a look at a handful in this slideshow.

These are not the only famous apps to leap from Mac to Windows. A few others
include Microsoft Works, QuarkXPress, and Digidesign Pro Tools. Feel free to
share some of your favorites in the comments.

There is no doubt that many applications have made the jump the other way
aroundfrom Windows to Mac. But its almost always more interesting to trace the
influences of the underdog on the dominant platform.

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