Jumat, 03 Mei 2013

Skin Care & Waxing

Master Stylist Lynda Walker has been working in the beauty industry for 30 years this year and her training and experience span across many areas. She attended cosmetology school at Allure in Tucson, where she graduated in 1984 before working her way to owning her first salon in 1996.
She is a native of Tucson and a graduate of Catalina High School. She is married and has one son and three dogs. "If you have never been to my establishment, please come by and tour the two buildings and two courtyards in which we offer luxurious services of all kinds. You won't regret it! Voted the most unique spa in Tucson by the people for the people!"
Hair Care
We follow the latest trends to get creative when improving your hair's look and feel. Whether it is a razor-textured cut, a European hard line look, or a layered, "punkie" look... CLICK HERE for More Info
Tucson's Best In Skin Care. Services include Body Waxing, Body Treatments, Aroma Therapy, Facials, Bio Peels, Stretch-Mark and more. CLICK HERE for More Info
Body Treatments
Body treatments are essentially a facial for your whole body and leave your skin feeling velvety smooth and soft. CLICK HERE for More Info
Nail Care
The nail care experts at A Day and 'Nite Salon & Spa will beautify your hands and feet with a soothing spa manicure or spa pedicure. CLICK HERE for More Info.

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