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[Mobile Cellphone Info] Review: MapiCase's Orion case for the iPhone 5 offers more style than protection

Mobile Cellphone Info has posted a new item, 'Review: MapiCase's Orion case for
the iPhone 5 offers more style than protection'

The first thing I noticed about Mapis $90 Orion case for the iPhone 5 is its
stylish look, with a soft leather exterior and leathery smell. Upon closer
inspection, however, I found that the case emphasizes style over protection, and
the high-quality feel is limited to its looks. I reviewed a red Orion, but you
have your choice between white, black, brown, or tan as well.

Mapis Orion covers your iPhone enough to protect against scratches and nicks,
but wont stave off damage if your iPhone slips out of your hands and hits a hard
surface. The case is too bulky to easily fit in a smaller pants pocket, so its
best suited for people who keep their iPhone in a bag or purse.

To install the case, you slide your iPhone in from the bottom and wrap a small
flap around the bottom of the phone. At first, I seriously questioned that this
small, wrap-around tab could stop my iPhone from falling out, but no matter how
much I shook the case, my iPhone wouldnt budge. Theres no way to use the iPhone
with a dock-cradle accessory while in the case, but its easy to slide out the
phone to dock.

The Orion has a front flap that covers the bottom of the iPhone and its screen
when not in use, and is held in place by two magnets at the top of the case.
Unfortunately, the magnets feel weak and dont do a great job of holding on to
the flap when you slide your phone into a pocket. There is a small cutout to
plug in headphones with the flap covering the phone, but the flap either gets in
the way or just unplugs your headphones if you try to use your iPhone at the
same time.

Just like Apples Smart Cover for the iPad, the Mapi cases front cover folds back
to create a stand to hold up your iPhone in portrait orientation. Theres also a
back panel that rotates to prop your iPhone up in landscape orientation. The
stand is easy to set up and feels secure enough to hold up my iPhone to watch
videos or conduct a FaceTime chat.

This rotating back panel doubles as both a stand and a handle. When you rotate
it 90 degrees, it juts out to create a nice place to grip your iPhone if youre
recording video or taking photos. However, the back panel makes the case bulky
and is hard to rotate around, as it tends to stick.

The Orion has cutouts for the Sleep/Wake button, earpiece, front and back
cameras, and ring/silent switch, and press through overlays for the volume
buttons. A small leather flap protects the Lightning port, which can be easily
moved for charging. I had no trouble using any of the buttons or switches, and
the case didnt obstruct the back camera or flash.

Bottom line

The Mapi Orion case is big on style, but low on protection. Its bulky and doesnt
feel great to hold, but makes up for it with a nice leather exterior. The Orion
might win you some style points, but its not the case for you if youre rough
with your iPhone.

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