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[Job Listing in USA and Around The World] Tribune's Lahore Desk is Looking to Hire Apprentice Reporters (Pakistan)

Job Listing in USA and Around The World has posted a new item, 'Tribune's Lahore
Desk is Looking to Hire Apprentice Reporters (Pakistan)'

The Express Tribune - Lahore desk is looking to hire apprentice reporters. We
are looking for reporters with a fire in their belly who can roam around the
city and talk to people and get stories. Candidates need to have good English
skills and demonstrable news sense/interest in city affairs.

Research before working on commissioned stories, interview people in person/over
the phone.
File press releases in the beat.
Assigned a beat and given authority and responsibility for this.
Expected to cover all events and incidents in their news beat.
To coordinate with the web edition.
Expected to coordinate with desk.
File story within prescribed deadline unless breaking story.
Come up with ideas for news stories and features in the beat (by talking to a
contact, reading other newspapers or general observation).
Keep the chief reporter updated on important happenings in the beat.
Follow up potential stories.
Check facts and background information before filing news story.

If you are ready for such a challenge, email your CV to: Lahore@tribune.com.pk

For queries/ submissions: lahore@tribune.com.pk

Website: http://tribune.com.pk/

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