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[Mobile Cellphone Info] Kenya leads Africa in mobile pay technology: report

Mobile Cellphone Info has posted a new item, 'Kenya leads Africa in mobile pay
technology: report'

Kenya leads the developing world in readiness to adopt mobile payment
technology, according to a survey conducted by MasterCard. The country's
standing in the index published on Monday will enhance Kenya's global reputation
as a leader in technological innovation. "The success of M-Pesa has created an
alternative payment network in Kenya, making it, in terms of sheer usage, one of
the most advanced markets in the world," says a report accompanying the
MasterCard index. "The success of mobile payments in Kenya is remarkable and can
serve as a blueprint for payments adoption in the rest of the emerging world."
Overall, Kenya ranks fourth among 34 countries surveyed. It is "in the company
of big, developed and integrated markets like the United States and Canada, and
city-state powerhouses like Singapore," the report says.
Kenya finishes ahead of such tech-focused countries as South Korea, Japan, China
and India.
Ironically, the MasterCard report observes, Kenya's success with mobile money
transfers is attributable in part to "a lack of traditional infrastructure and
alternative conventional payment media." "Mobile suggested itself as a solution
to a population deeply in need of a fast and secure method of payment,"
MasterCard says. Noting that "M-Pesa is a closed loop," the report adds that
there is considerable room for expansion of mobile payment technology in Kenya.
"They've shown the way globally, but the country itself is also ripe for a more
flexible and accessible payments structure that leverages all types of payments
and permits multilateral entry into a broader-based financial services and
telecommunications infrastructure," the report says.

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