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[Toy] Generation IDW 30th Anniversary Megatron

Toy has posted a new item, 'Generation IDW 30th Anniversary Megatron'

Just received the new IDW 30th Anniversary Megatron today and couldn't wait to
get my hands on this guy. He came loose as its a "back door" special. First
impression of the toy is he feels solid and I love this look for Megatron. Like
the previous 30th Annivesary deluxes I reviewed already, the transformation is
pretty simple for this guy except I had bit of an issue for the head clearance.
Its very little room for error here. So on to the review
Megatron is mainly made up of a black plastic with specks of metallic flakes in
his plastic. In stealth bomber mode he is black with some red and metallic
purple paint details

Here's a pic of the underside of the bomber mode

Here he is in robot mode, his transformation is very easy and in this mode its a
good representation of the IDW version on Earth. You see more purple in this
mode with bits of purple plastic and metallic purple paint.

The back of the robot mode is a bit hollow in the leg but still very little

The head sculpt is also a very good rendition of Megatron with his classic
bucket head and a silver painted face.

The wings form to make Megatron Rail arm cannon.

Overall I'm happy with this figure as he has nice paint apps an easy fun
transformation. His size is a bit small for Megatron but still scale well with
other deluxe figures. I wish Hasbro had made this guy a Voyager as it would have
been "Boss" if they did. Check out below for some size comparison.

Lining up well with other Deluxes

Posing with other versions of Megatron and fitting in on my classic shelf

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