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[US Jobs Vacancies] English Teacher Long Ear Tutor Agency China

US Jobs Vacancies has posted a new item, 'English Teacher Long Ear Tutor Agency

A great job opportunity for the people who want to be English teacher
1Students Age12-18
2Class Size15 students
3Subject to TeachEnglish speaking
4Teaching classes per week: twice a week (you can choose the detail time)
5the duration of the class:6 months
1native english speaker
3Bachelor degree or above
4Teaching experience: at least one year .
5The job skills and abilities requirements for teacher
(1)excellent teaching ability.
(2)strong leadership and communication skills.
(3)strong sense of responsibility, reliable, flexible, well organized,and strong
team spirit.
(4)has fairly strong initiative and creativity, especially in providing children
with a positive and fun educational experience.
If you are interested in cooperating with us. Please send your CV to us!
Long ear tutor agency
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