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[Mobile Cellphone Info] Vivitar DVR Underwater

Mobile Cellphone Info has posted a new item, 'Vivitar DVR Underwater'

The Vivitar DVR 690HD is a decent on-the-go pocket camcorder. When compared with
other mini camcorders that we reviewed, the Vivitar camcorder doesn't feature
many outstanding qualities. The one characteristic that does make it stand out,
however, is the fact that it's waterproof up to 10 feet. If you're looking for a
small camcorder that will take decent quality 720p HD video and still photos,
then this is the perfect handheld device.
Though Vivitar isn't a big name in electronics, they've come up with a spiffy
looking small camcorder. It looks like a cell phone and is shaped about the
same, which makes it a perfect size to slip in your pocket or purse. It also
comes in eight different colors. If you're the outdoorsy type, you'll love the
ability to throw this camera in your backpack when you're off to ride rapids or
climb a mountain. The one thing we did notice was that sometimes the plug cover
located at the bottom of the camera would open sporadically. This isn't ideal if
you're in a pool or river taking footage.
With only 8MB of integrated memory, you have no choice but to buy a memory card
for the DVR 690HD. 8MB of memory is about as useful as 0MB. We say this because
8MB of video is mere seconds and you will only get a couple of photos in. This
small video camera does feature an SD/SDHC memory expansion slot, though, so you
can add up to 32GB of memory. This will get you up to 720 minutes of video and
10,000 photos. If you need more recording time than that, you can always try a
larger memory card.
If you want to use less memory when you record, you can always bump your
resolution down to VGA or 320 x 240, but doing so will result in video of much
lower quality. Photos won't take up tons of memory space as the camera only
takes 5MP photos. This is worse than most cell phone cameras, but few pocket
camcorders take high quality still photos anyway.

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