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[Mobile Cellphone Info] Vivitar DVR 600

Mobile Cellphone Info has posted a new item, 'Vivitar DVR 600'

While the Vivitar DVR series pocket camcorders are a convenient size and
lightweight, that doesn't make up for everything else. The video quality is
disappointing, as is the short battery life. Taking still photos is something we
quickly decided not to do because their quality was even more disappointing than
the video.
These small camcorders record video with a resolution of 640 x 480p and take
1.3MP photos. When compared to other camcorders that film in 1080p HD, the video
quality of the DVR 410N and the 300 models looks dreadful, especially anything
shot in low light. Even in daylight, the contrast on our recordings was so poor
that we could barely see our subjects' faces. On top of that, the sound quality
is low and produces a static hum. Then you have the 1.3MP photos. We've seen
fewer megapixels offered in lesser camcorders, but this is a pretty dismal spec.
Any smartphone today will take better pictures, and many take better video.
The flip-out screen on the 410N is a neat feature, even though the screen is
relatively small at 1.8 inches. However, the camcorder is made of plastic and
feels cheap. Especially when the screen is flipped out, the camera feels flimsy,
like it might break at any time. The built-in USB connection on all camcorders
in this series is a nice feature, and it makes it simple to transfer pictures
and video to a computer.
We are disappointed in the DVR 410N battery life. This camcorder really sucks
the power out of the AAA batteries required to run it. We put batteries in the
camcorder and set it aside while we tested others. When we returned to this
camcorder, around a week later, the batteries were dead and we hadn't even used
it. It is never recommended that you leave batteries in an electronic product
for an extended amount of time, but definitely don't leave the batteries in this
camcorder when not in use.

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