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[Mobile Cellphone Info] Visual Unity targets Africa in deal with Nairobi firm

Mobile Cellphone Info has posted a new item, 'Visual Unity targets Africa in
deal with Nairobi firm'

Visual Unity system integrator and multi-screen platform provider has entered
into a joint venture with Telemedia Africa to establish Visual Unity Africa.The
company, based in Nairobi, offers system integration and professional services
to the local broadcast, information technology and telecommunications industry,
along with specialist research and development to develop innovative mobile
applications. Visual Unity Africa is headed by Baiju Shah, Ali Hussein and Ken
Kariuki, all of whom have extensive management experience in the broadcast and
technology sectors. Mr Hussein and Mr Kariuki will be based at the company's
Nairobi offices from where they will initially develop the east and central
African market, with a view to expanding into other areas in the future. The
firm is eyeing the growing middle-class in Kenya and Africa in general. The
region is recognised as a hub of innovation in the broadcast and mobile
applications, thanks to the high penetration of mobile devices and cheap tablet
computers. As countries switch from analogue to digital broadcasting, it is
expected that a price war between main providers would result in low Internet
Visual Unity managing director Tomas Petru said that Africa is ripe for
expansion of broadcast and there are significant changes with a proliferation of
new television stations to meet demand for local content.
"With our rich set of video and broadcast products, our extensive research and
development expertise and knowledge of the linear and multi-screen systems
integration, Visual Unity Africa is well placed to bridge this gap by providing
high quality services and products to the emerging market," said Mr Petru.
However, he said that what the market lacks are specialist systems integration
and professional services organisations that could help broadcasters in their
choice of equipment as they switch to digital television and enable them to
monetising content as they embrace the growing multi-screen environment. Mr
Hussein adds that Visual Unity Africa's combination of local links and business
development expertise will give the firm an enviable lead in the market. "Visual
Unity Africa's view of integration, along with its acquired mobile applications
capability, will enable us to sell products and services to media, Telco and
broadcaster organisations," he said.
"Visual Unity Africa also has an important role to play in influencing
regulatory issues and setting new regional standards."

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