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[Mobile Cellphone Info] Sony Music Unlimited streaming iOS app released

Mobile Cellphone Info has posted a new item, 'Sony Music Unlimited streaming iOS
app released'

Sony has just released its Music Unlimited streaming app for iPhone, opening up
the service to many more users who don't have Sony devices. Music Unlimited is
similar to Spotify or Rdio in that it lets you stream songs and albums, make
playlists, and a listen to and customize channels to your tastes. We've been
hearing that the app was going to make its way to the iPhone for some time now,
and now that it has the music platform is spread across Android, Walkman PMPs,
the PS Vita, and other Sony home theater products like Blu-ray players and TVs.
There's no iPad app yet (we're told there will be one, eventually), but the
service comes in two different flavors: a $3.99 per month basic plan and a $9.99
per month premium one. Only the latter lets you stream unlimited songs and
albums of your choosing the basic plan limits you to a selection of channels
that you can customize by liking or disliking particular tracks. On the cheaper
plan the only way you'll be able to listen to individual tracks is to match them
with Sony's catalog from your PC library, but thankfully there are no limits on
how many songs you skip when listening to genre-specific channels and there are
no ads. If you're more interested in listening to music on demand, you'll have
to go for the premium plan, which also lets you save tracks for offline
listening. For now it looks like only New Zealanders have access to the app, but
it should be available elsewhere soon.

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