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Mobile Cellphone Info has posted a new item, 'SCANNER FEATURES WI-FI MEMORY'

SCANNER FEATURES WI-FI MEMORYIt's hard to imagine wanting to scan a stack of
documentswhile riding around in a taxi or catching some sun at thebeach, but
apparently there is a market for portable colorscanners. One of the latest
entries is the Xerox MobileScanner (www.xerox.com). Perhaps the most
interestingthing about it is that it features a 4 GB Eye-Fi SD memorycard
billed as the world's first wireless memory device.Itworks with Wi-Fi networks
so you can transmit JPG andPDF files directly from the scanner to a computer,
mobilephone, pad, or whatever. A free mobile app lets it communicate via a PC,
Android, Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, orthe Cloud. Note that its maximum
optical resolution is 300 dpi which may be an issue for a few people. The
devicemeasures only 2 x 2.75 x 11.5 in (5 x 7 x 29 cm) and comes with a carrying
case, rechargeable battery, and charger.The retail price is $249.99, but the
street price is a little lower. Before you place your order, though, think about
howmuch having the Xerox name on it means to you. The device sure looks like a
clone of the Mobility Mobile scannerfrom licensing partner Visioneer. You can
pick one of those up for about $100 less.

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