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[Mobile Cellphone Info] Safaricom to double broadband capacity

Mobile Cellphone Info has posted a new item, 'Safaricom to double broadband

Mobile service provider Safaricom will double its broadband capacity next week
opening a new battle front in the data market just weeks after its main rival
Airtel launched a 3G network."The network will run at 42mega bits per second
(mbps) from the current 21mbs and it will be the fastest network in the whole of
East and Central Africa," Safaricom CEO Mr Bob Collymore said. The firm has been
under pressure to diversify its revenue streams away from voice following last
years price wars. But its quest to control the data market has in the recent
past witnessed increasing competition especially from Telkom Orange and Airtel
as more telcoms invest in the service.
Airtel rolled out its 3G network in February putting it at par with Safaricom.

Safaricom's move to double its capacity can therefore be read as geared towards
differentiating itself from rivals. "We are already receiving the modems to
support the new network," Mr Collynore said. However the rollout will begin
from Nairobi and its environs before going national.
Mr Collymore was speaking at the connected Kenya Summit 2012 in Mombasa that
began on Tuesday.
The summit is in its fourth year and is the brainchild of the Kenya ICT Board in
collaboration with industry players and government. The annual forum is a
platform for collaboration, capacity building and knowledge sharing between the
government and the ICT stakeholders. This year's summit--themed Knowldege and
beyond--has attracted over 500 delegates including captains of the ICT industry,
IT practitioners and officials from the vision 2030. The four day conference
will see players discuss how to build the knowledge economy, how to take
advantage of the open data, linking innovation and trade. Players will also
discuss how to involve citizens in the growth of the sector, and the
opportunities in e-commerce and retail trade. Companies will also showcase their
latest products and services. Information and communication permanent secretary
Bitange Ndemo is expected to present the National ICT Masterplan 2017, which
outlines the government's blue print for ICT on Thursday.
Companies attending this year's summit include Safaricom, HP, Ericsson, Huawei,
IBM, Orange and Jamii Telcom. Others include Seven Seas Technologies, SAP,
Accenture and EMC among others.


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