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[Mobile Cellphone Info] 5 Ways to Prevent Knee Injuries During Your Workouts

Mobile Cellphone Info has posted a new item, '5 Ways to Prevent Knee Injuries
During Your Workouts'

Our knees have to handle a lot of stress, and if youre exercising vigorously or
doing weight training, youre asking a lot out of them. If you already have knee
problems, the situation can be a bit tricky at times and it is very easy to
reinjure yourself if you do not take appropriate cautions. The heavier you are,
the more your knees are at risk, so it is very important to make sure that you
are doing your exercises the proper way to avoid injury. Here are some tips to
help you safeguard your knees during your next workout.
Align your knees with your feet.
Whenever you are doing any type of exercise that requires bending, it is vital
to make sure that your knees are even with your feet. If you were to draw a
straight line up from your feet, your knees should be in the way. For example,
this is very important if you are doing squats or lunges. If you are too far
forward or too far back, youre going to be placing too much stress on those
joints. Line up your knees each time you start an exercise and take the time to
make sure they are properly aligned in between repetitions.
Good shoes are essential.
One of the best ways to avoid injuring your knees is to wear proper shoes. Dont
try to exercise in street shoes, and avoid shoes that offer little to no
support, such as Chuck Taylors. Spend the money on a good solid pair of athletic
shoes that will provide you with enough cushion for your joints. Its worth the
extra money.
Work on your pelvic and thigh muscles.
Most of the time, our knees are picking up the slack for the rest of our legs.
It is important to build up your thigh and pelvic muscles during your workouts
to shift that balance back to where it should be. This can help reduce your
knees workload and you should notice the difference right away.
Always warm up.
It takes a few extra minutes, but your knees will thank you. Always take the
time to properly stretch and warm up your legs before starting any type of
exercising. This will greatly reduce your risk for injury and your whole workout
will go a lot smoother.
Never overdo or attempt exercises that are not appropriate for your body.
Sure, wed all love to be able to bench press a great deal of weight or go
running for five miles. But the fact of the matter is, not everyone can do that.
Never strain your knees with exercises that are just not attainable. If you
already have bad knees, look for low impact workouts, such as swimming or yoga
where you will not be stressing those knees. Stay away from stairmasters or
stationary bikes if you already have a knee problem. If necessary, wear a brace
to help you accomplish your exercises without injury.

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