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[Mobile Cellphone Info] 10 Top Console-Class Games For Android

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10 Top Console-Class Games For Android1. Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation
Price: UK: 24.99 US: $6.99There is a plethora of shooters on Google Play, but
none of them come close to a console style game as Modem Combat 3: Fallen Nation
does. The third in the Modern Combat series does take up a lot of internal
storage on your device 1.37GB to be exact- but in return you get one of the
best games for Android. The game utilizes the same techniques as similar
franchises Call Of Duty and Battlefield. It takes places over 13 levels and
requires a certain amount of skill to complete. Modern Combat 3 is the most
realistic game weve played. It boasts fantastic graphics, immersive gameplay and
brilliant multiplayer options.2. N.O.V.A 2
Price: UK: E4.99 US: $6.99Building off the success of the original N.O.V.A, its
sequel is bigger and better. There are 12 chapters to battle through, each of
them lengthy and designed to be totally different. The multiplayer aspects of
N.O.V.A 2 are what really make it stand out. Ten players can connect online or
locally and battle it out in five different game modes. if you lre looking for a
shooter, reminiscent of Mass Effect or other similar sci-fi epics, then N.O.V.A
is definitely for you.3. NFL Flick Quaterback
Price: UK: 21.49 US: $1.99NFL Flick Quarterback puts you in the boots of one of
American footballs finest. The gameplay is simple yet still gives a feel of the
sport, something not all games achieve. Fans of the Madden series will feel
right at home here, despite it being on a smaller screen than its console
brothers.4. GTA III
Price: UK: 22.99 US: $4.99GTA III celebrates its tenyear anniversary with this
superb port to Android. The game is exactly the same as its console counterpart,
but with the inclusion of a series of comprehensive touchscreen controls.
Locations are easily recognisable, and despite its size, the game graphically
holds up very well.5. Asphalt 6
Price: UK: E0.69 US: $0.99Similar to the famous Ridge Racer series, Asphalt is a
long-standing racer putting you in control of the w0r|ds fastest cars. Despite
the fast gameplay, the game manages to stay well clear from any lag. Definitely
one of the most engaging racers.6. Sonic 4
Price: UK: 23.02 US: $3.99Sonic has seen many sequels and remakes over the
years, and Sonic 4: Episode 1 is the first to make its way to Google Play. The
gameplay is similar to that of 20 years ago, but with remarkably better
graphics.7. TintinPrice: UK: E4.99 US: $6.99Tintin may not necessarily be
everyones cup of tea, but on the smaller screen, he delivers one of the most
solid platforming gaming experiences available for download from the Google Play
Store.8. 9mmPrice: UK: 24.99 US: $6.99Those who have played Far Cry will feel
right at home with 9mm. A combination of simple controls and great story
development make it a hit that has gone unnoticed by a lot of people.9.
DriverPrice; UK: 21.99 US: $2.99A slightly more cartoony version of the classic
franchise set in San Francisco. The racing elements are spot on, and the
gameplay will keep you coming back to your Android for more and more.
10. TNA Wrestling

Price: UK: E2.55 US: $3.99
Impact Wrestling is the most sophisticated and realistic wrestling simulation.
Theres a good selection of wrestlers from the TNA roster, as well as various
game modes to power slam through.

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