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[Mobile Cellphone Info] 10 facts about e-cigarettes

Mobile Cellphone Info has posted a new item, '10 facts about e-cigarettes'

Electronic cigarettes, e-cigarettes or e-cigs are electronic smoking devices
that mimic cigarettes. They consist of batteries and filters that allow the user
to inhale whatever flavor and level of nicotine that they choose. Instead of
smoke, the devices deliver a vapor into the users lungs.
1. Electronic cigarettes are safer than traditional cigarettes. They mix water
with artificial flavorings and nicotine, if the user chooses a cartridge with
nicotine. That is all a user inhales, as opposed to the dozens of carcinogens in
tobacco cigarettes.
2. Electronic cigarettes can help smokers give up the habit. They come in
multiple strengths, so smokers can start with a high level of nicotine and
slowly work their way down to no nicotine. The patch does roughly the same
thing, but without the added sensations of smoking that e-cigs offer.
3. When it comes to the environment, cigarettes are gross. Used filters litter
the ground virtually everywhere there are people. The smoke goes into the air
every time a person smokes. Electronic cigarettes eliminate the litter and the
smoke. When the parts are recycled properly, they eliminate unnecessary waste
4. Cigarettes stink. There is no getting around it. They make people, cars,
clothes, breath and homes smell like stale smoke. Because there is no smoke in
electronic cigarettes, there is no odor.
5. In some areas, cigarettes are taxed so heavily that they are $10 or more a
pack. Most electronic cigarettes cost much less than this after the initial
purchase of a starter kit including chargers and batteries.
6. Because there are no harmful toxins in electronic cigarettes, the vapor is
not dangerous for people near smokers. Therefore, secondhand smoke problems are
eliminated. Of course, most cartridges contain nicotine, which can be harmful
and should be kept out of reach of children.
7. The bottom line is that electronic cigarettes do not cause cancer. It is not
exaggeration to say that millions of lives could be saved if every smoker
switched to electronic cigarettes or just quit.
8. The telltale yellowing of smokers teeth happens over time. Electronic
cigarettes do not have the same effect. To be fair, they are relatively new, so
long term effects on teeth are not well known, but it seems unlikely that water
and flavoring will do any harm that brushing cannot prevent, if they do any harm
at all.
9. Barring a major manufacturing problem, an electronic cigarette cannot burn
anyone. If youve ever been burned by a cigarette, you know how much of a relief
this would be. No more hot cinders either!
10. Electronic cigarettes help reduce the amount of lighters and matches in
peoples homes. Electronic cigarettes have shown that they are superior to
traditional cigarettes in nearly every way. Smokers will surely find it at least
mildly difficult to switch to them, but will also start reaping health benefits
within hours of making the change.

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