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Ut Utah Rivers Council Announces

Water Footprint Internship for Spring 2013

Utah Rivers Council

The Utah Rivers Council is a grassroots organization dedicated to the
conservation and stewardship of Utah's rivers and sustainable clean water
sources for Utah's people and wildlife. Founded in 1995, we work to protect
Utah's rivers and clean water sources for today's citizens, future generations
and healthy, sustainable natural ecosystems. We are an advocacy organization
dedicated to social change for the benefit of Utahs rivers and the many
generations of life they support.

Available Internship

The Utah Rivers Council is seeking an intern for the Spring 2013 Semester to
act as a leader for the Student Water Education Team (sWet). Project sWet is a
campus-wide, multi-departmental effort to institute permanent water conservation
at the U of U through a mixture of education, technology and policy change.

We are interested in enlisting student help from the School of Computing to
successfully create a Utah specific water footprint calculator (a web-based
application that helps people understand their water usage through an online
survey). The skills required for this internship include:

Experience building web-based apps using JavaScript or PHP (or equivalent)

Knowledge of HTML and CSS

and, ideally but not required, Flash or HTML5 (or equivalent)

This internship is an excellent introduction into the world of non-profit
environmental work and a good opportunity to network with professionals in the
environmental arena. The student will gain a glimpse into what a career with an
environmental organization entails.

Internship Details

We request a minimum commitment of 2-3 credit hours with 6-9 hours of work per
week. Scheduling is flexible within regular 9-5 business hours.

To Apply

A qualified applicant will have excellent writing and speaking skills, be
capable of interacting with diverse groups, be capable of working independently,
and able to seek guidance when necessary. Maturity and self-direction are vital.
Please send your resume to: Zach Frankel, Executive Director, Utah Rivers
Council 1055 East 2100 South, Suite 204, Salt Lake City, Utah 84106 or via email
to zach@utahrivers.org. For more information on Utah Rivers Council and our
campaigns, visit www.utahrivers.org.

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