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[Job Listing in USA and Around The World] Court-appointed Expert Needed

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Expert Needed'

The court intends to appoint an expert to examine technical issues presented in
FatPipes Motion for Sanctions for Ticket Database Spoliation and Discovery
Violation.Fed. R. Evid. 706 is necessary to evaluate technical issues involved
in the sanctions motion. These issues, while secondary to the substantive issues
that will decide this case, have been made significant by the sanctions motion.
1 This motion was filed by FatPipe, and seeks sanctions against XRoads for
alleged noncompliance with discovery orders issued by the court. Appointment of
an expert under
As stated hereafter, applications from persons interested in this appointment
are due by noon Mountain Time March 29, 2013 and shall be submitted by email to

1. Selection of an Expert

The court will appoint an expert with the following qualifications.
Professional Background in Database Management and Forensics
Specific Knowledge of MySQL Database File Structure
General Knowledge of SQL Commands
Experience Working with Linux Operating System
Specific Knowledge of Linux File System Privileges

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